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With You in Mind

PEACHY CLOUDS is a comfortable place that lets you shine with some simple accents of our aesthetic jewelry collection while remaining eco-friendly. We gain inspiration from South Korea and Europe to offer the most trendy pieces.


Browse through our site and check out the latest additions to our collection. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any assistance. Enjoy your shopping experience! 쇼핑 즐기세요~

Single-Owned, Single-ran

PEACHY CLOUDS is completely owned and ran by 23 year old, culture and fashion-enthusiast, Ariel Tenebruso / me.  I began Peachy Clouds because I grew up very poor and was not able to express my love for fashion due to the lack of money. I believe everyone should feel beautiful without spending a fortune and without damaging the environment out of greed.

How did we get our name? I often go for walks to clear my mind and peachy-colored clouds always put a smile on my face and help me see the beauty of the world.

During my business study at Korea University, I fell IN-LOVE with how every business does small gestures or puts a little more effort into their packaging to make the shopping experience that much more fun. I don't see it enough in America and wanted to bring the fun over here to share with all of you! As we raise more money for Peachy Clouds, I would like to invest it back to perfecting your shopping experience.

Peachy Clouds isn't just a place to buy trendy jewelry, it's a loving community to share your deep feelings and relate with others when you feel lonely or down. I try my best to put a smile on your face when you're feeling upset. Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling, peachy life. I hope I am able to change the perspectives that have poisoned us as kids and make those struggling feel empowered through Peachy Clouds.

Much Love,

(and yes, I was named after The Little Mermaid haha)

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