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Everyone Deserves to Have a Peachy Day

Everyone Deserves to Have a Peachy Day

PEACHY CLOUDS has a strong view which believes everyone deserves to have a peachy day. Oftentimes, children have no voice and are forced into unhealthy situations that will negatively impact their future. Growing up with a nurturing foundation is an incredibly important part of surviving adulthood. When a child is constantly controlled, neglected, and raised in unhealthy situations, they feel as if there is no way out. They would have to face the impact of this lifestyle later on in their lives as well.


Those with PTSD are not responsible and should not be to blame. Oftentimes, people will assume there was always a way out or an opportunity to stand up for themselves. It should be understood when under such immense pressure, a child is trained to be afraid of any consequences of "rebellious" behavior. It is never their fault. In these unfortunate situations, children are made to believe that they are not worthy of obtaining success. Children need compassion and support, and we need children to fill our hearts back up with innocence and better our future.

The owner of PEACHY CLOUDS has had a vivid history of childhood abuse herself and now suffers the consequences of it. CPTSD, anxiety, and depression are daily obstacles on top of the ripple effect of abuse. PTSD never leaves the victim. They are burdened with the responsibility to deal with it the rest of their lives. Although it does become much easier with help, to the point of living a stable, fulfilling life, there will always be remnants of a hurt child within. We at PEACHY CLOUDS stand by the children of our future to have a voice and chance of a successful future. An often misunderstood and neglected category in itself needs all of our help.

Click the button below to donate and prevent child abuse. 100% of proceeds go to Prevent Child Abuse America.

Why we chose prevent child abuse america

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The owner of PEACHY CLOUDS knows first-hand how certain organizations can make situations even worse for the child or not help in stopping the root of the problem. She was keen on choosing an organization she wished was there for her as a little girl, targeting the right problems in the most effective way. Prevent Child Abuse America educates about the negative and even positive effects certain upbringings can have on a child later in life. According to Prevent Child Abuse America, "Kids raised in safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments are more likely to enjoy good physical and mental health and succeed academically and socially" (Prevent Child Abuse America, 2021). Prevent Child Abuse America also differentiates the types of abuse a child can face and how each one's effects differ. Moreover, "PCA America is the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect"(Prevent Child Abuse America, 2021). They provide opportunities to families and caregivers all around America with expert-researched advice and resources.

"Together we can prevent child abuse, America...because childhood lasts a lifetime"

(Prevent Child Abuse America, 2021).

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